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Unitex featured in a Classic French Provincial home

||Unitex featured in a Classic French Provincial home

Unitex featured in a Classic French Provincial home

The challenge with French Provincial homes today is taking a housing concept from a different era, climate, and geographical location and blending these into the modern Australian lifestyle.
Our design vision was to create a home that encapsulates grandeur whilst retaining warmth, character, charm, elegance and the ability to blend seamlessly into the nearby tranquil hills and mountains. We have achieved this vision through careful and thorough execution of the myriad details contained throughout our design plan.
The home is accentuated with all the symmetry and details one would expect from a Classic French Provincial.
Starting with the Mansard roofline, the Zebra 7003D bespoke parapets wrap around the entire eaves and the Zebra 6017 Stringer provides a decorative finish to the portico and balconies.
Detailed architrave 3084 is highlighted around all external windows, and doors including garage doors, with Zebra 5000WR Window Sill with return utilized on all the windows.
Stepping out into the outdoor area, the reinforced external grand 350mm columns with CC2350 column capping and CB2350 column base enhance the architectural design elements of the home whilst providing functional support to the first-floor balcony.

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